Warranty Service Claims and Return Process
To make a warranty claim, contact your Fier’s sales representative and offer the details of the defect products:
1) Customer’s PO Number and FIER’s Commercial Invoice Number.
2) Clear Pictures of the defect products showing the defect parts, Date of production, Bar code, and Trade mark, etc.
3) Official claims letter to describe the problems and reasons.
4) To send back several defect samples or components.(the courier charge should be on Customer’s account.)
Once the components or samples have been received and tested, an evaluation report will be provided to the Customer via email. This report will clarify the following:
1) The components/samples are covered under the warranty policy and will either be repaired or replaced.
2) The components and samples are not covered under the warranty policy and the reason for this determination.
Then the appropriate repairs or replacement for the defect products will be manufactured and shipped together with new orders. Please note that in the event the returned components or samples are not found to be defective, Customer may be subject to a labor charge for the evaluation process.
The foregoing obligation to repair or replace the Nonconforming product shall be the sole and exclusive remedy for the breach of the foregoing warranty.

FIER shall have no obligation to: (I) remove or install any product that does not conform to the forgoing warranty; (II)disassemble, reassemble, remove or install any equipment,materials, structures or other items appurtenant to or affected by the product that does not conform to the foregoing warranty; or (III) pay any costs incurred in connection with such disassembly, reassembly, removal or installation.

Note: “Customer” means the buyer that purchases goods directly from Holly Lite. Holly Lite does not offer aftersales service to indirect buyers, who buy products from the “Customer”