Question #1: Why you lamp is expensive?

Answer: our factory has passed the ISO9001:2008, and most of the products are UL listed or SAA certificated. All of them are compliant with CE and RoHs. The truth is, they do cost more, but there are many reasons for this. One of the things people need to keep in mind is that LED lights are so much more efficient than standard light bulbs that they will surely earn their keep in a very short period of time. That is, the money spent on obtaining them will be made up for quite quickly in the form lower electricity bills, and the less frequent need to replace them.

Question #2: How to control quality?

Answer: We package LED by ourself , can guarantee farthest the quality and delivery term .We adopt various of  professional equipments in the basis of strict standards from incoming materials test , manufacturing process to finished       products test , including integrating sphere , Automatic chip mounter, Vibration Tester , High Voltage Tester , Aging Tester , Light-distribution Photometers etc . We will     also consider seriously the package for you to avoid from damage in transportation , and will attach the Test Reports / Specifications / Operation Instructions to you , the    most important one is that we have perfect after-sales services , can guarantee farthest your benefit  indeed .

Question #3: What are the differences between T8 LED tube and T5 LED tube?

Answer: The difference between both of them is just on the diameter .“T” stands for one eighth inch , “ T8 “ means 8pcs T , “T5” means 5pcs T ,Namely , T8 tube`s diameter is 8 *1/8 inch , and T5`s is 5*1/8 inch .Except this , then you can make the same length / PC cover / power / Lumens /CCT / CRI/ Input voltage / Power Factor / Warranty etc .

Question #4: What certification you have?


Question #5: How many workers in your factory?

Answer: Around 70.